April 7, 2008 at 5:41 am (Uncategorized)

First: Battlestar Galactica’s back! Friday’s episode wasn’t perfect, but it was still pretty good.

In other news, an Illinois Democrat goes batshit crazy. At atheist Rob Sherman’s testimony before Illinois’ General Assembly, Monique Davis said,

“What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous, it’s dangerous…It’s dangerous to the progression of this state. And it’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy [atheism] exists! Now you will go to court to fight kids to have the opportunity to be quiet for a minute. But damn if you’ll go to [court] to fight for them to keep guns out of their hands. I am fed up! Get out of that seat!…You have no right to be here! We believe in something. You believe in destroying! You believe in destroying what this state was built upon.

The hatred is palpable in both the written transcript and the audio version. This kind of ignorance and bigotry is saddening, especially in a state official. Also, what’s with the guns thing? Was there some law being passed making guns in school MORE illegal? I would support that as an atheist, if it weren’t completely pointless.

Fortunately, California’s better off. This has been said before, but I think it bears repeating: If what you learn about the world you live in conflicts with your beliefs, the problem is not with the world! Everybody holds some irrational beliefs, admittedly, but evolution is a proven scientific theory.


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